Julio Cardenas earns his Ph.D. degree

April 28, 2012

Dr. Julio Cardenas has completed his research dissertation and fulfilled all of his requirements to earn his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Arizona.  Julio began his graduate studies at the university of Arizona in 2007, when he joined the research program led by Dr. Bob Gillies.  When Dr. Gillies moved from the University of Arizona in 2008, CAMEL had the opportunity to recruit Julio to join our research group.  Julio initially investigated the application of standard Dynamic Contrast Enhancement MRI methods to evaluate early response to hypoxia-activated chemotherapy.  He then developed new DCE MRI methods that improve the assessment of chemotherapies, including his development of the Linear Reference Region Model and the Reference Agent Model.  These innovatitive developments formed the foundation of his research dissertation that fulfilled his last rquirements for his Ph.D. degree.  Julio has started a new position as a post-doctoral associate at Vanderbilt University.  The CAMEL would like to thank Julio for his extensive conributions to our research program, and the professional colalborations and personal interactions that are critical to the development of an outstanding research group.