Liu Qi Chen and Dina Hingorani are invited to give oral presentations at OctoberCEST

August 24, 2012

The OctoberCEST meeting attracts researchers from across the world who are developing CEST MRI, an emerging technique for molecular imaging during pre-clinical and clinical studies.  Ms. Liu Qi Chen and Ms. Dina Hingorani will present their research at this summit meeting.  The organizers of the OctoberCEST meeting have selected Liu Qi and Dina to each present their work as an oral presentation.  Dina will present "An Enzyme-Responsive PARACEST MRI Contrast Agent that "Turns On" After Catalysis", and Liu Qi will present "Measuring extracellular pH within in vivo Tumors using AcidoCEST MRI".  Their selection for oral presentations exemplifies the interest in their research among the CEST MRI research community.  In addition, Dr. Marty Pagel will deliver an oral presentation titled " PARACEST and DIACEST Agents, and Chemical Exchange Rate Measurements".  Dina, Liu Qi, and CAMEL thank the organizers of OctoberCEST for this honor to deliver oral presentations.