Marty Pagel and Christy Howison establish SAMIS

September 1, 2012

The Small Animal Medical Imaging Services has crecently been created at the University of Arizona.  This new service group will manage four imaging scanners for in vivo, pre-clinical studies, including a MRI scanner, an Ultrasound imaging scanner, a micro-CT/X-ray scanner, and a Bioluminescence-Fluorescence Imaging scanner.  Dr. Party Pagel has been appointed as the Director of SAMIS, and will develop new scientific applications, provide training, and promote the use of SAMIS resources.  Ms. Christine Howison has been appointed as the Manager of SAMIS, and will support the daily operation of the scanners and provide training and veterinary support for imaging studies.  Prior to forming SAMIS, the university relied on three organizations and 10 personnel to manage these four imaging scanners, which led to inefficiencies and higher costs.  Soon after forming SAMIS, Dr. Pagel has managed to reduce the cost of using the MRI scanner from $76/hour to $29/hour, and is working towards reduced costs for using the other imaging modalities.  The formation of SAMIS also strengthens the ties between CAMEL and the biomedical imaging research community at the University of Arizona.