Luis “Albert” Arias

Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Department of Medical Imaging
  • B.S. Chemistry (WNMU).
Research Interest: 

Currently working on a salicylic acid derivative molecule to serve as a smart MRI contrast agent to highlight the activity of PSMA, a hallmark enzyme in prostate cancer. This method of imaging is termed as CatalyCEST MRI. Also collaborating with Dr. Julio Cardenas Rodrigues on developing a method to image bacterial infections using MRI with polysaccharides serving as the contrast agent.

  • Access Fellowship.
  • American Chemical Society Scholar.
  • Nick Carter, Mahesh Pattabiraman*, Luis Albert Arias. Dynamics of Apolar Guest Solubilized in Bile Salt Micelles: Photochemistry of Acenaphthylene as a Probe to Understand the Supramolecular Characteristics of the Aggregates. American Journal of Chemistry, 2012; 2(3): 131-136.
Room 4953, University Cancer Center.