Samuel C. Gilmore

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • University of Arizona – Microbiology and Molecular/Cellular Biology, 2004
Research Interest: 

Within the tumor microenvironment, the oxygen level are diminished compared to normal tissue and results in a hypoxic environment.  Using hypoxia as a biomarker for tumors, the activity of reductase enzymes can be monitored utilizing CatalyCEST MRI methodologies.  Several salicylic acid derivatives were designed and synthesized to detect the enzyme activity of Nitroreductase and DT-Diaphorase.  In vitro enzymatic studies are currently being conducted to determine efficacy of salicylic acid derivatives using CatalyCEST MRI.

The development of a dual modality MRI-PET contrast agent using 19F compounds.  Currently, the design and synthesis of GdIII-DOTA-19F derivatives are being pursed as possible MRI-PET dual contrast agents for the non-invasive detection of tumors.






Arizona Cancer Center Room 4953.