Chemistry laboratory and chemistry core facilities:
Our chemistry laboratory occupies 1,000 sq. ft. within the University of Arizona Cancer Center.  Our chemistry laboratory has the usual items of glassware, microwave, ovens, pumps, stirrers, rotary evaporators, and other chemical synthesis equipment.  The laboratory is equipped with six chemical fume hoods, a Parr hydrogenator, lyophilizer, +4°C refrigerator, a -20°C freezer, a DI water source, pH meters, and analytical balances.  Common laboratory equipment rooms in the UACC house several spectrofluorimeters, -80°C freezers, and Millipore water purification units.

Clinical MRI Facility:
A state-of-the-art 3.0T Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra MRI scanner was installed at the University of Arizona in early 2013. This state-of-the-art clinical MRI scanner is only used for research, and is not used for standard clinical care, which greatly facilitates scheduling. We collaborate with Siemens Healthcare USA to develop and validate new MRI methods for clinical oncological imaging. The MRI scanner facilities are equipped with waiting areas, dressing rooms, and storage lockers for participant comfort and convenience.

Pre-clinical MRI Facility:
Our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility was established in 1989 and is the core facility for small animal MRI research at the University of Arizona. This facility houses our 7T Bruker Biospec MRI for our pre-clinical imaging research. This scanner has a 20 cm horizontal-bore magnet, a 60 G/cm gradient strength, two volume coils and two phase-array surface coils. Sample holders are custom-made in our workshop or by using a 3D printer. The MRI scanner is equipped with a complete physiological monitoring system including ECG, arterial blood pressure, respiration and temperature monitoring, and ECG & respiration gating. The facility has wet bench space that contains centrifuges, chromatography cabinets, pH meters, balances, and a complete gas mixing system that can deliver custom mixed gasses to any location within the facility. MatLab and IDL are used for image analysis and for experimental simulations.

The University of Arizona Cancer Center:

Our collaborators’ clinical practices are performed at the Fasseas Cancer Clinic of the University of Arizona Cancer Center. The clinical trials effort at the UACC is robust both in therapeutic and prevention trials. Almost 600 patients are accrued annually to therapeutic trials by 8 teams that specialize in a unique cancer type, with 122 patients/year accrued to investigator-initiated trials. Many patients in our clinical trials are accrued through our cancer clinic.

Our research studies employ the services of many research facilities within the University of Arizona Cancer Center. The Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource (TACMASR) offers expertise in histological and immunopathological techniques and expert pathological analysis of both human and research animal tissues and cells. The Tissue Bank of the University of Arizona Cancer Center (a.k.a. the UACC BioRepository) collects, preserves, and banks biospecimens obtained from Arizona Cancer Center surgical patients. The Biometry Shared Service (BSS) at the UACC brings together expertise in biostatistics, clinical trials, epidemiology, applied mathematics, statistical computing, and database applications.